Monday, April 05, 2010

Fells Cascade, Middlesex Fells

photo of Fells Cascade, Middlesex Fells
Much of the western section of the Middlesex Fells Reservation consists of rolling hills and trails that are relatively easy to maneuver. But once you head into the Eastern Fells, the landscape changes a bit, with some areas that are very rugged. And one section along the extreme eastern edge of the reservation looks like something you might find in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with extremely steep trails, rugged ledges, and a cascade that, especially in the spring, can be quite a site. Situated close to the beautiful Black Rock ledges and fanning out from a stream that cuts through the Eastern Fells between the Fellsway East and Washington Street, the Fells Cascade drops precipitously eastward toward a residential section of Melrose, and the trail that goes alongside it can be treacherous, especially if it is wet. The views from the bottom of the cascade (see photo) are some of the most interesting in the entire reservation.

The Fells Cascade can be reached via the Rock Circuit Trail from the Flynn Ice Rink in Medford as part of a longer hike, or from the Oak Grove T stop in Malden as a much shorter hike. There is limited parking along the Fellsway East as well, which allows hikers to reach this spot in a matter of minutes.