Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Hike in the Lynn Woods, Lynn, MA

A group of us went on a hike in the Lynn Woods a few months back, checking out some of the sights that this huge outdoors area had to offer.

photo of cave at Dungeon Rock, Lynn Woods, LynnWe started out by going up to Dungeon Rock (which is near the Pennybrook parking area). There is a long cave--or perhaps more accurately, a tunnel--that we went into for a bit. It was dark and slippery, so we didn't make it that far, but it was very interesting.

photo from Mount Gilead, Lynn Woods, LynnFrom Dungeon Rock, we skirted Breed's Pond, eventually ending up at Burrill Hill, which has a stone tower, then over to Mount Gilead, which has a steel tower. Mount Gilead's views were better than those at Burrill Hill, with a particularly nice view of the Boston skyline.

photo of Walden Pond, Lynn Woods, LynnWe dropped down to Walden Pond (no, not the one in Concord!) and had lunch at a peninsula on the western end of the pond. The pond is very peaceful and placid, with few people around, making it a nice lunch spot.

photo of Breed's Pond from Lantern Rock, Lynn Woods, LynnAfter lunch, we hiked over to Mount Moriah, then took the beautiful Undercliff Path back toward the Pennybrook lot, but before we did, we hit Lantern Rock near the parking lot, which has breathtaking views of Breed's Pond from the top. Then it was back to the lot as we called it a day.

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