Thursday, June 19, 2008

Neponset River Greenway, Dorchester

photo of wetlands, Neponset River Greenway, Dorchester, MAEarlier this year, I touched upon the Neponset River greenway in a blog entry about Lower Mills and Milton Landing. Both of these places are near the western end of the greenway, and are perhaps the most interesting parts of the path. But there are other interesting parts of the Neponset River Greenway, starting with the eastern end at Pope John Paul II Park in Neponset, as well as the extensive wetlands and meadows (see photo) near the Neponset/Milton border.

photo of Neponset River Greenway, Milton Village, MAFrom Pope John Paul II Park and the wetlands shown above, the Neponset River Greenway moves west into a slightly more wooded (and at times residential) area. The Red Line crosses the path, following it all the way to Milton Village and the Lower Mills section of Dorchester (see photo). This section of the greenway includes views of historic factories and other buildings, a dam, and a particularly fast-moving part of the Neponset River. From here, the Neponset River Greenway heads west for a little bit before ending at Central Avenue on the Milton/Boston border.

photo of Milton Landing, Milton, MAAs mentioned in the earlier blog entry, a slight side trip can be taken from the Neponset River Greenway near Lower Mills and Milton Village. Milton Landing (see photo) is a calm, peaceful area just down the hill from Milton Village that has beautiful water views from the walkways around this area. The walkways at Milton Landing don't really go anywhere, but instead meander around, ending in spots and looping in others. From this area, it is easy to get back to the greenway and head back to Pope John Paul II park, where a vast network of trails and paths that await folks who wish to continue on.

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