Sunday, October 05, 2008

Buck Hill (Blue Hills Reservation)

photo of  Boston skyline from Buck Hill (Blue Hills Reservation)At just under 500 feet above sea level, Buck Hill isn't the highest point in the Boston area, but it certainly has some of the best views. A favorite of hikers in the Blue Hills reservation, Buck Hill is one of the most rugged spots in this hilly, wooded area south of Boston. The summit of this broad, round hill is mostly treeless, allowing for nearly 360-degree views including the the Boston skyline and the ocean.

There are several ways to get to Buck Hill, including particularly scenic approaches from the Skyline Trail. For hikers who don't have much time, it is best to park on Route 28 near the Milton/Quincy border and take the Skyline west for a short but very steep climb to the summit. For a more leisurely hike (allow 45 minutes to an hour each way), the Skyline Trail can be taken from the park headquarters (just east of the Houghton Pond parking lot) climbing mostly east over Tucker Hill and Boyce Hill before reaching the summit.

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