Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Blue Hill (Blue Hills Reservation)

photo of stream near Little Blue Hill, Canton, MAA group of us went on a nature walk around Little Blue Hill in the extreme western section of the Blue Hills Reservation in Canton over the weekend. Much of the vast Blue Hills Reservation (especially the Milton section) is popular with hikers, but the extreme east section (near the Shea Rink in Quincy) and the extreme western section (Little Blue Hill) aren't as popular. But both areas are quite scenic, with the Little Blue Hill area having a variety of features, including streams (see photo), hilltop views, and pristine woods.

photo of meadow near Little Blue Hill, Canton, MAWe more or less took a counter-clockwise route around the base of Little Blue Hill, starting out by taking a right at the end of the parking lot just south of the Trailside Museum on Route 138. We wound our way up gradually, coming to a beautiful view looking west from the shoulder of Little Blue Hill. From there, we dropped down and walked past some meadows and fields (see photo) and along some little-known paths before turning around near the Route 128/95 intersection. From there it was a quick walk back to the parking lot. This section of the Blue Hills is cut off from the rest--and isn't a huge area--but is a perfect spot for a short walk along some peaceful paths.

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