Monday, February 02, 2009

Winter Hike at Pond Meadow, Braintree

About 25 of us went on a winter hike through Pond Meadow in Braintree over the weekend. Conditions were pretty good (the snow was packed down and not very slippery), and because Pond Meadow is not a hilly area, it was a perfect spot for a Sunday morning hike.

photo of Pond Meadow, Braintree, MAPond Meadow is a smallish park mostly in Braintree, though some of it is located in Weymouth. It abuts Route 3, so parts of the area are tarnished by traffic noise, but much of the area is quiet. There is a main walkway that is paved loops around the pond, with some dirt paths veering off the loop. We hiked on both the paved walkway and most of the dirt paths (except for the yellow trail), walking about 4 miles total, much of which was along or within site of the pond. Perhaps the most scenic trail was the part of the red trail that meanders along the north edge of the pond. It was quiet, scenic, and afforded near-constant views of the water. But the trails away from the pond were also scenic, including part of the blue trail that crossed bucolic streams (see photo) and wandered through rolling terrain.

Pond Meadow is generally a place to go for a short walk; indeed, distance hikers probably won't like it because of its relatively small size. But it is a nice oasis in the middle of an area that is otherwise residential, and its easy access from Route 3 makes it a great option for a quick trip.

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Hi Marc,

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